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To Know or Not to Know



While reading Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore, I got thinking about life’s secrets, both big and small. Specifically, it made me wonder if I would really want the answers to those unknowns, if it were possible.


A few times in my life, I have consulted psychics, and I actually got some pretty amazing readings. At a psychic fair in NYC, a young man told me he didn’t see children in my future. He was correct.


Another psychic told me my life partner would be a wealthy professor in New York. She saw two women around him, and they were near water.


Years later, I met my current husband…a professor whose only living relatives were his mother and sister living in Bremen, a German port town. His mother actually lived overlooking the Weser River before she died. AND I was told he would be sure of the relationship long before me, which was so true. So, she was pretty accurate.


Okay, she was off by a continent with the NYC part. And, judging by the tiny house with no closet space and our secondhand car, he is by no means wealthy. Correction: not wealthy in terms of money.  :-)


Still, did knowing any of this really help me? For sure, I could have done without hearing I would not have children. It depressed me for a while, until I shrugged it off, telling myself the man was a quack.


As for my husband, I guess it felt good thinking someone was in the offing, but it took so many years from the time of her prediction that I actually forgot about it until we were already married, having long ago labeled the poor woman a quack, too.


So, here’s what I would like to know:


If someone could give you accurate answers about your life or the big cosmic questions, would you want to know?


If so, what questions would you ask? Both personal and general...


Which questions would you rather leave unanswered?