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Chocolat Quickie Review

Chocolat - Joanne Harris

How I got between its sheets: When a friend loaned me what I found out was a sequel to this book, simply had to purchase the first one with my persnickety self.


What stimulated me:
      • The setting – provincial French village of Lansquenet and Vianne’s chocolate shop seem back in time and fairytale-like, though the story is contemporary.
     • Writing style – Ms. Harris’ style is evocative, hypnotic. She pulls one into this sad little town and the chocolate shop, the reader becoming a fly on the wall with all senses awakened.
     • Potpourri of quirky characters – Sensual, breath-of-fresh-air Vianne; zealot priest Père Renaud; wise woman Armande Voizin and her town snob daughter Caro Clairmont; klepto Joséphine Muscat; and sexy Roma/Gypsy Luc and his cohorts.
     • Story – sweet tale of small town constrictions and societal pressure, individuality, and tolerance.
     • A world of comforting chocolate – creamy hot chocolate, Venus’ nipples, candied rose petals, chocolate seashells, truffles, pralines, hazelnut clusters. Who doesn’t love chocolate?
     • Dash of magic strewn like candy sprinkles atop the story.


What turned me off:
     • It took me quite a while into the book to distinguish all the characters.
     • It ended. Luckily, the sequel awaits me.