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Indie and Small Press Author Blog Hop



Welcome to the Indie and Small Press Author Blog Hop, hosted by The Bookbinder’s Daughter and author Harry Patz to help Indie and Small Press authors gain some attention for their books, past or present.


Being a self-pubbed author myself (humorous travel memoir Doing Italians…oops…Italy), I know how hard it is to get even great indie books out there and noticed. I am embarrassed to say I basically gave up even though I truly believe in my work.


Still, Lit Lovers Lane is eager to aid other authors who haven’t thrown in the towel to get the recognition they deserve, so we will be giving away a $15 Amazon Gift Card. To participate, follow the instructions below.





Visit Lit Lovers Lane to participate, and also to discover other great Indie authors and book bloggers, as well as enter more giveaways.