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The Secret Paris Cinema Club

The Secret Paris Cinema Club - Nicolas Barreau

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How I got between its sheets: a Christmas present.

What stimulated me:

-- Setting: Paris – the City of Lights seems magical and irresistible in the author’s hands, and even though I have been there and was underwhelmed, this story had me wanting to go back and give it another go.
-- Setting: Cinema Paradis – a vintage movie theater of a bygone era showing love films and bring together a motley, but lovable group of people from the employees to the patrons. Great idea.
-- The integration of films and their stories into the narrative and a nice list of to-see movies.
-- Supporting characters – from Robert, Alain’s philandering professor friend to Allan Wood, the movie director with his own story, the supporting characters gave the story more punch.

What didn’t exactly thrill me:

-- The story was a sweet one, and while its resolution is not necessarily predictable, it is just a tad too pat.

What turned me off:

-- Alain’s character – while I welcomed the idea of a romance from the male point of view, I kept feeling Alain was merely dubbed a man, but read like a female character.