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Quickie Review: The Elegance of the Hedgehog




How I got between its sheets: Without having heard a thing about it, found it in my local library and couldn't resist the title. Also liked the cover and back cover blurb.


What stimulated me:

  • The growth in relationships among Renee, Paloma, and Mr. Ozu
  • Interesting ideas the characters ponder, such as the purpose of art, how art is born, or the purpose of grammar
  • The moving tale about feeling out of place and unexpected friendships
  • The subtle reminder that appearances can be deceiving when it comes to people
  • The ending - totally surprising


What turned me off:

  • The ponderings sometimes annoyingly interrupt the tale. Had me wondering, "Who thinks these things?"
  • Paloma's character with her ultra-mature thoughts and ideas sometimes seem unreal
  • Book took longer to get into than would have liked
  • The ending - yes, I know it makes no sense to like and not like it, but there it is.